What do Inclusive Leaders and beer have in common?


They both open the door to powerful conversations across deep differences.

Here’s Heineken’s take:


But Inclusive Leaders also know it’s not as simple as a team-building exercise with a shared beer at the end.

High-performing relationships of trust between colleagues only come from:

  1. Listening and talking with care and candor
  2. Respectful behavior (e.g. A man is an ally when a woman says he is.)
  3. Leadership promises made and kept over time
  4. Finding and fixing bias in hiring, development, and advancement practices

So what kind of conversation might we expect over our beer?

Here’s an invitation to courageous leadership: Consider the following blog from Ruchika Tulshyan—"Heinken’s Ad is a Terrifying Sham-And I’ve Lived It Many Times Over".

Inclusive Leadership requires deeply-grounded compassion and well-seasoned competence.