As a graphic designer at Greatheart Consulting, Cyrena helps by creating visually appealing and communicative products that showcase the Greatheart solutions. She is an undergraduate honors student at Western Washington University and is excited to graduate with a major in design and a minor in computer science. Her multidisciplinary background gives her the unique ability to approach design from an analytical point of view.

What does D&I mean to you?

To me, Diversity and Inclusion means promoting equality for all and giving everyone the fair shot they deserve to achieve success and happiness. The belief that life should be cherished and treated with respect is integral to my worldview and is something I feel very strongly about.

I came to Greatheart because I wanted to work for a company that was actively making a difference and promoting change on a large scale. Having a background as a woman in STEM has opened my eyes to the gender disparities in corporate culture and the sense of isolation that being a minority at work can create. I know that this experience is only the tip of the iceberg and I strive to learn more about the disparities that exist so I can learn how to better fight for equality.

What do you like to do in your spare/free time?

Most of my time is devoted to classwork, but in my free time I often draw, read, and go for walks. I am also very personable and love spending time with my friends and family. Recently, I started weekly baking sessions with one of my roommates, often trying experimental recipes with interesting outcomes. I also enjoy spending time with my many pets, including two dogs, a rabbit, and a salamander.