As Director of Corporate Support, Julien helps Greatheart stay focused on its goals as well as growing its capabilities. He does this by building structures and processes to make Greathearters more efficient as a Team. Julien is motivated by intention and integrity, believing in developing more diverse and inclusive leaders everywhere in society.

Julien’s work is focused on building the internal capabilities that Greatheart requires to keep its promises to our clients, Greathearters themselves, and other stakeholders. Corporate Support includes the areas of People, Finance, New Client Relations, Communications, Technology, and Operations.  His goal is to create, grow and support the foundational structures that make Greatheart and its Clients as successful as possible.

How Does D&I personally relate to you?

Growing up as a third culture kid I often found myself feeling like an outsider, in whichever of my home countries I happened to be.  I learned to find strength in the differences that made me unique but never lost the desire to feel truly included.  A call to service and to learn to lead brought me to the Navy as a young man and it was there that I was challenged to lead men and women from a range of diverse backgrounds.  During my six years in the Navy, I came to realize that building teams requires knowing how to bring out the best in the most complex of raw materials, human beings.  I believe that leaders and organizations that adopt the core values of D&I will be more successful and that those successes will lead to a more just and equitable society.  Given the tenuous political and social environment in which we find ourselves, I believe in the necessity to build bridges and believe that Greatheart Consulting is on the leading edge of that quest.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I like to grow and build things, using my mind and hands to create something new.  On evenings and weekends, I can be found spending time with my family and friends, designing/building furniture, knitting, running, biking, felling trees, growing/preserving food, reading or adventuring around the Pacific Northwest!