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As the Director of Inclusive Leadership Strategy (ILS), Justin helps Greatheart stay engaged with our clients, develop and implement the ILS methodology, and ensure programs create lasting positive changes in organizations. He does this by working with clients to understand their needs and help apply the expansive ILS methodology. Justin is motivated by the growing need for inclusive leaders in the public and personal sectors.

Justin’s work is focused on listening to all levels of an organization and having others respect and engage the strengths of diversity. The Inclusive Leadership strategy includes Relationship Management, Project Management, and Digital Development at Greatheart. His goal is to help companies grow their inclusion muscles to transform the way their employees and customers view their brand.

How does D&I relate to you personally?

Growing up, I did not believe I had a point of view as a white male. I felt that I didn’t have a right to my own experiences and how they molded me. There are many examples that have helped transform that point of view: befriending people who are different than me, watching my wife in heavily male dominated fields, leading a multicultural and multigenerational team.

These experiences have led me to appreciate the benefits of being an inclusive leader (teacher/friend/son/husband) by appreciating and engaging the different strengths of diversity. In order to find my own point of view, I had to understand that my story was not the only right “way” and listen to people whose experience was wholly different. By watching, listening, and sharing, it became clear that my experience had value and was a part of the solution.

To me, diversity and inclusion means that you have to be willing to learn and grow. It means celebrating your personal story and those of other people. An inclusive person looks to someone who isn’t like them, learns about their strengths, and works reciprocally to grow each other’s point of view.

What do you like to do in your free time?

In my free time, I like to hang out with my family (wife and 2 fur babies), explore different cuisines, and stay active (from sports to Qi Gong to just dancing in the middle of a store). I like to laugh and make the spaces I leave a little better than before I came.