Michael Ivers is a Data Analytics and Visualization Strategist who develops methods to measure, report, and improve business performance. After spending more than twenty years leading service and support, quality assurance, and development programs and projects for multibillion dollar corporations and startups, Michael focused his attention for the past three years on recruitment, retention, and advancement of women technologists at The Anita Borg Institute.

Michael held management roles with Cisco Systems, Calient Networks, and ICTV and is a professionally trained voice-artist and public speaker.

Michael holds a BS in Human Relations and Organizational Behavior from the University of San Francisco.

How does diversity and inclusion personally relate to you?

As a child I made friends with others regardless of their color, race, size, intelligence. I saw all of the kids my age as equals. When I was six, I recall hearing some one use the word "colored" to describe a person. I asked, "Do you mean like purple?" Distinctions and differences didn't matter to me as kids were friends or potential friends.

A few years later I was punished for playing with a group of boys of color -- the lesson I learned was to do what was right (play with everyone) rather than follow the rules of a bigoted adult.

My attitude and behavior toward diversity, inclusion, and equity continued into my career and adult lifestyle.

I refuse to exclude anyone from my involvement with them, or their opportunities because of any differences from my physical make up.

What do you like to do in your free time?

In my free time depending upon the season: I watch baseball, coach girls fast-pitch softball, downhill ski, run (5ks and 10ks), watch movies and musicals, read non-fiction (World War II is a favorite topic), cook and bake, work out in the yard,spend time (though never often enough) with friends and family.