The Reciprocal Mentoring Lab (RML) is a breakthrough approach for advancing women and gender-savvy men into senior leadership, while equipping executive men and women to mentor and sponsor more inclusively.


The RML delivers a competitive advantage in the battle for retaining talent and increasing collaboration. It positions a company to grow a gender equal leadership culture, by helping its leaders build the skills, tools and broader perspective necessary to lead more inclusively within their teams and organizations.

How It Works

The Reciprocal Mentoring Lab is a transformative learning process for cross-gender mentoring pairs from a director level and above. During the RML, mentoring pairs work with a world-class faculty, prepare together, attend a two-day workshop, and lead with greater intention and integrity. Ultimately, this supportive experience equips participants with the skills, tools and broader perspective to help create a reciprocal mentoring culture back on the job. The RML solution is offered as an Open Enrollment event, as a Metro Sponsored event (co-sponsored by a corporate partner) or as a Client Based event (hosted within your organization).

The Lab consists of a 2-day in-person workshop as well as pre and post workshop learning. 

For a group of 35 mixed-gender mentoring pairs, each with a reputation for gender collaboration

A rigorous program equips these leaders to construct a professional culture of gender equity across the enterprise