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We are looking for passionate, creative and committed team players who can engage genuinely in our work as we seek to develop inclusive leaders through creating connections, building competencies and embedding capabilities within our Clients' organizations. If you are interested in any of the job profiles below, please review the job profile and submit requested documents to our Human Resources department: 

Current Positions (Updated 9 January 2019)

Employment Opportunities:

Analytics Lead (starts February 2019)

  • The role of Analytics Lead focuses on working with colleagues to design and build surveys, assessments and other tools of measurement that strengthen the development of inclusive leaders. The Lead will be responsible for analyzing the data and thinking through how to best use it in order to tell a compelling story with visualization. Being able to quantifiably demonstrate the impact of our Solutions on the behavior of leaders at every level of an organization through assessments, pulse surveys, and longitudinal studies, is critical to our success. The analytics capability at Greatheart is crucial to helping our clients establish and demonstrate measured influence. (Download PDF of Job Profile)

Internship Opportunities: 

We are focused on growing our team and the services that we provide our clients in a conscious manner. As such, we are always on the lookout for passionate and talented individuals who have a desire to help develop inclusive leaders in the workplace and could contribute meaningfully to the work that we are doing. If you are a student seeking a valuable internship opportunity with a growing company and believe that being a part of one of the teams listed below would contribute to your own learning while also helping to advance our work at Greatheart, we would love to hear from you. To inquire about an internship please email your résumé along with a cover letter to Julien Geiser at hr[at] All of our internships are paid positions.

  • Learning, Research, Analytics, and Development
    This team may be for you if you enjoy: Researching, making sure that information is backed by research, or using research for developing creative solutions. Data—analyzing it, or thinking about how to visualize it in a way that makes it accessible for even the non data geek. Learning design and thinking about how people learn and how that informs the creation of curriculum and content.

  • Corporate Support
    This team focuses on new client relationship management, business development, human resources policy development, and team operations/logistical support.