Patrick works behind the scenes to bring clients the most up to date information on the solutions Greatheart Consulting has to offer. He coordinates the White Guys Leadership Summit group on LinkedIn, and he works with Greathearters on social media. With a background in the theater, Patrick brings a unique perspective and an open mind to the D&I challenges companies are facing today.

How does diversity and inclusion personally relate to you?

D&I was something I started to learn about from a very young age. My father, Founder & CEO Chuck Shelton, instilled the concepts of equality, fairness, and equity that I use as a road map in my work at Greatheart. As a professionally trained actor, my colleagues are men and women with different backgrounds, ethnicities, and sexual orientations. I find that what makes us different is what makes us interesting. 

What do you like to do in your free time?

In my free time you’ll either find me on stage singing and dancing my face off at Seattle's 5th Avenue Theatre, or hiking one of the many beautiful trails in Snoqualmie. I also love to play the guitar!