As project manager, Philip is responsible for clarifying goals, objectives, and deadlines with clients. Philip works with stakeholders to design, assign, and schedule deliverables. He ensures that tasks are supported and completed. In addition, Philip leads the feedback system with selected clients, by managing the input from and responses to the participants, client satisfaction with Greatheart service, and the evaluation of the work.

How does D&I personally relate to you?

D&I personally relates to me for a couple of reasons. One is, as a child up to my young adult years, my family and I moved around a lot. I found myself in various communities with people who both looked like me and many who didn't. I've had to learn how to adapt and embrace different cultures and points of view for most of my life. For this reason, I enjoy relationships with a wide gamut of individuals.

The second reason is, as a black man, it has been critical to my success and overall well being to align with individuals, groups, and organizations who value D&I, even if not in a formal way. I've been fortunate to have encountered and build relationships with these respective individuals and entities throughout my career and life journey.

What do you like to do in your free time?

 I enjoy playing basketball, reading, roller skating, listening to music, binge watching Netflix with my wife, and play fighting with my two sons.