Greatheart Consulting develops inclusive leaders for competitive and collaborative advantage.


The business case for global diversity and inclusion (D&I) is well established: D&I helps to open markets, increase sales, win and retain talent, fuel high-performing teams, build partnerships, innovate efficiently, and grow an inclusive culture and brand.

Diversity work has historically focused on programming in support of women and people from under-represented minority cultures. That is still necessary and useful, and we help it happen via our leadership development solutions. However, we are seeing that this work is only part of the solution. Increasingly, it is becoming clear that it is essential to also engage people from normative groups in D&I solutions – such engagement leads to ally development.

Business and social trends now push companies to optimize the results of diversity work by developing allies across every dimension of difference: men coming alongside women, white people building relationships of trust with colleagues and clients of color, etc.


This is disruptive inclusion at work: creating unexpected business opportunity with people dealing with disadvantage, by developing the savvy and accountability of people from majority cultures. Everyone is included.


Specifically, men—white and otherwise—are stepping up and learning to lead inclusively, at the very time their firms and their customers need them to do so.

Simply put, Greatheart equips all leaders to seize advantage via inclusive behavior, organizational practices, and business strategy.

When everyone is in, the company will win.

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