Helping your organization create a context that equips leaders to build an inclusive culture and brand

Equip executives to build the garden in which inclusive leaders grow, with Greatheart’s models, processes, tools, and advice on best practices and policy development. Strategy consulting develops the organizational capability required for leaders to sustainably understand and leverage diversity and inclusion.

Ally Development

For the long-term benefit of people dealing with disadvantage, a company must cultivate and develop the skill and impact of allies

An ally at work is someone who listens for understanding, co-creates opportunity, and builds a personal brand for trust and accountability. We are not allies simply because we aspire to be, or because we say we are. We are allies only when specific colleagues are willing to say to us and others: “Here’s an example of how you are collaborating with me, supporting me, making and keeping promises, and receiving from me in a two-way relationship…”

Such relationships across difference only scale with support—an organization has to cultivate ally behaviors. So allies need networks, but these do not function as Employee Resource Groups. Rather, they help allies to organize, so they can continue to develop as influence partners with colleagues in and beyond ERGs.

Gender collaboration typically serves the global springboard for ally development. At Cisco it’s called Men for Inclusion, at Unilever NA it’s the Men’s Working Group; Liberty Mutual focuses on engaging men as allies. Whatever you name it, your allies need a community simply structured for learning, mutual support, and for accountable relationships with diverse colleagues. And inclusive leaders learn to guide the growth of these ally communities.



Organize the Ally Strategy, with client leaders and Greatheart’s Roadmap.


Engage and equip men and women for gender collaboration. A man is an ally when a woman says he is. Equip men and women to build relationships of trust and accountability.


Expand the capability with allies across race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, and other dimensions of diversity.


Enterprise Diversity & Inclusion

Leadership influence and metrics drive the D&I value proposition, so that global diversity and inclusion is relevant to each part of the business

This D&I strategy consulting uses the Business Relevance of Inclusive Leadership [SM] Planning Guide to define, drive, and measure the business value of leading inclusively, tailored to each business unit. The focus: delivering sustainable competitive advantages available only through a growing capability with global diversity and inclusion.